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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Quick Train catalog to browse our offerings. In addition to searching by course duration and availability, you can also search by subject to ensure you find a course that reflects your interests. Once you have decided on a course, you will be redirected to the registration page of the institution offering the microcredential.

All current Quick Train microcredential offerings are fully funded.

Prerequisites vary according to the institution offering the microcredential. Once you have decided on the microcredential(s) you want to enrol in, you will be redirected to the registration page of the institution offering the microcredential. There, any applicable prerequisites will be listed.

Courses are offered in varying formats. Once you have selected the course(s) from our catalogue, you will find further details about format (in-person, online, hybrid) and course requirements.

Upon completing the microcredential(s), learners will receive a certificate of completion, digital badge or acknowledgement of completion through the institution(s) offering the completed course(s).

In a competitive job market, your acknowledgement of completion sets you apart from other applicants, demonstrating your commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement to meet new industry standards within an ever-changing economy. Completing a microcredential through an accredited institution equips you with knowledge and skills that support you in your career journey and provides you with an opportunity to network with alumni and industry connections through the institution you complete your course.

Quick Train microcredentials go hand-in-hand with your current area of expertise, upgrading your current skillset to meet the shift to a green economy.

Learners can enrol for all courses being held in provinces different from those in which they reside. For in-person courses, attending all in-person components is required for successful completion of the program. For online courses, learners can complete the microcredential from the province they reside in. If there is a course you are hoping to take that is not being offered in your province, other institutions closer to home may have training in the same sector that may interest you.

Check out the Quick Train catalogue for all the options available to you. For further questions, contact the institution offering the microcredential you are interested in directly.

Microcredentials offered through Quick Train Canada are currently open to individuals over the age of 18 who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or individuals who have been granted refugee status in Canada and are looking for upskilling opportunities to prepare for sectoral shifts to more sustainable practices.

There is no limit to the number of courses you can enrol in at a given time so long as you have the capacity to fulfill the workload needs of all courses. Should a learner fail to fulfill the curriculum requirements or find that they need to withdraw from a microcredential, they will be held to the academic policies of the institution they are enrolled in.

Quick Train Canada encourages you to read the details of enrollment for the institution(s) you are applying to carefully upon registration. Learners will not be asked to pay tuition if they choose to drop a course, but they will be held accountable to the course withdrawal policies of the institution(s) they are applying to. Drop-date deadlines and withdrawal policies, including how dropping a course may be reflected on your transcript, could be found on the website(s) of the institution(s) offering the microcredential(s) you are enrolled in.

Since Quick Train aims to prepare workers from coast to coast to coast for the shift to a green economy, microcredentials are currently being offered in Canada’s official languages, English and French. Please read the course description to identify whether a course is being offered in English, French or in both languages.

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