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EV Battery Fundamentals and Storage


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15 Hours




Start Dates

July 31, 2023

Registration Deadlines

March 15, 2024

About this microcredential

Green technology and transportation basics are changing. Electric vehicles are a great option for reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles. The EV Battery Fundamentals and Storage microcredential introduces participants to the safe handling of EV batteries, fundamentals of EV batteries, and storage of EV batteries.

What will you learn?

Learners will be able to:

  1. Examine safe handling of EV batteries.
  2. Examine EV battery fundamentals.
  3. Examine storage practices for EV batteries.

How does this prepare you for the low carbon economy?

It is widely accepted that electric vehicles will play an important role in meeting global goals to reduce the effect vehicles have regarding climate change. Because EVs are known for considerably lower emissions for the vehicle’s lifetime, it is vital technicians and consumers understand the positive aspects and general maintenance of EVs. Transforming the transportation industry to reduce Canada’s carbon footprint includes educating all involved from the technician to the consumer.