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Foundations of Sustainability in Event Management


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24 Hours




Start Dates

January 29, 2024

Registration Deadlines

January 29, 2024

About this microcredential

Corporations are increasingly incentivized to encourage event professionals and hosts to incorporate principles of environmental justice and minimize their carbon footprint. In this microcredential, you will learn how to determine the impact of event management options to plan sustainable and socially responsible events.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to conduct and present a sustainability analysis report for a specific event using set criteria to minimize environmental impact. You will learn how to sell, communicate and educate clients on strategies to promote sustainable events, and how to critically evaluate “green” suppliers. Finally, you will learn how to implement sustainability in the workplace.

How does this prepare you for the low carbon economy?

A low-carbon economy cannot be attained without sustainability. In recent years the demand for sustainability professionals and skills has grown dramatically. This microcredential will help you fill this need but also support businesses to create and execute sustainable and socially responsible events.