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Electric Vehicle Technology and Service

About this microcredential

The Electric Vehicle Technology and Service course is an upskilling offering that provides current Automotive Service Technicians (Red Seal or Level 3 completion) with the specialized skills required for the service, repair, and maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles. Topics covered include electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle battery construction, fuel cells, electric motor controllers, inverters, and auxiliary accessories.

What will you learn?

You will gain critical training in electric vehicle technology. This microcredential is broken into eight modules. The first three modules are self-paced online and expected to be completed in advance of the course’s five-day face-to-face, hands-on portion. The first module covers safety and PPE, which will be reviewed on the first day of in-person training. Modules four through eight are designed to cover extensive hands-on practical exercises, including; high-voltage battery removal in both a hybrid and a complete electric vehicle, lithium-ion battery pack disassembly and testing, high-voltage motor testing, DTC diagnosis on several brands of electric vehicles, testing and bleeding high-voltage cooling systems and identifying regenerative braking systems.

How does this prepare you for the low carbon economy?

You will acquire the necessary skills required to respond to the emerging technologies presented by a low-carbon economy. New technological advances are changing the skillsets required of today’s automotive technicians, and you will be at the forefront of this important upskilling.